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Be more profitable, get rid of fraud

Our mission

FraudBuster helps Operators and Regulators regain control over telecommunication networks by eliminating fraud and optimizing traffic in order to safeguard profitability and reduce security threats.

Our history

Gaining the trust of our first customer as early as 2010, FraudBuster quickly developed into the world’s market leader when it comes to fighting interconnect bypass fraud in telecommunications.

Indeed, growth and innovation driven, FraudBuster has successfully helped both operators and regulators to maintain and/or restore profitability for well over a decade.

After the recent merger with Calltic in September 2023, boasting exciting 3rd generation technology to deal with SIM boxes and the likes once and for all, FraudBuster has entered a new era of development. An era where a mix of existing and new security solutions will be used to safeguard the same extraordinary level of attention to customers and partners as before.

FraudBuster has offices in Paris, Marseille and Ghent.

Do check us out regularly if you want to be part of our plans in the near future or visit

Calltic NV is an affiliate of FraudBuster SA;